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Intermediate Driver Improvement (IDI) -
8-Hour Course

Course Fee

Online Course (8 Hours) $59.95

Online Course Description
The online course is offered through the website, presented by our partner the National Traffic Safety Institute.

An extended version of the standard 4-hour Basic Driver Improvement which is taken by drivers for a traffic citation. Most commonly, a driver would need to attend an Intermediate Driver Improvement course if he or she has attended a 4-hour BDI course for a ticket, and then received another ticket within 12 months. Some counties will allow a driver to take the longer 8-hour course to dismiss the points from the second ticket since the driver is prohibited by law from attending another 4-hour BDI course for ticket dismissal.

IDI can be taken by any driver who has been ordered to attend an 8-hour course by a Florida court or judge, or who has elected to attend such a course.

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Registrate Ahora!

Normally ordered by the courts as part of a sentencing judgment, this course is for the individual who has:
  • Received multiple traffic citations
  • Received mandatory or serious traffic violations
  • Been involved in numerous collisions

This course is NOT the "8-Hour Aggressive Driving Course". Please make sure that your court order or court directive identifies the course that you need to take as the "Intermediate Driver Improvement Course".

  Bridgeway Center Inc. Intermediate Driver Improvement (IDI)

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